OpenDNS has made the decision to deny France and Portal service, rather than implement a poorly conceived court order to block a small number of domains in those countries.

2024-01-20 (Updated: 2024-01-21 )

British crime drama meets science fiction. Based on the graphic novel by Si Spencer, and well worth your time.


My latest attempt at being a consultant is now a little more than six years old. When I was setting up my current company I stumbled on a YouTube video with some excellent advice.


In early February we got to be the guinea pigs for a new B&B’ tabletop gaming experience. The Gillespie House, in Picton, is finally open to the general public, and I’m here to tell you how much fun they are to visit.

2023-09-05 (Updated: 2023-09-06 )

Verisign, the operator of the registries for the COM, NET, and EDU top level domains, is rolling the cryptographic algorithm used to DNSSEC sign all three of their registries.